About the ISR

Driven by a profusion of government and industry regulations, enterprises are required to record and store an increasing quantity of communications sessions in order to maintain compliance. Conventional call recording solutions, designed for capturing contact center agent exchanges for training or quality assurance purposes, are not well suited to compliance recording applications. They are difficult to integrate with business applications, offer limited scalability, and can be costly to deploy.

The Oracle Communications Interactive Session Recorder (ISR) is specifically designed to eliminate enterprise compliance recording cost and complexity. The solution features an open, standards-based architecture that dramatically simplifies the capture and storage of real-time IP communications sessions throughout the enterprise. Ideal for a wide range of compliance applications, ISR leverages a modular design for superior scalability and economics, offers an extensive API set for ultimate extensibility and flexibility, and includes integrated support for screen recording using an industry leading user monitoring solution.

The ISR leverages SIPREC and a modular architecture for ease of deployment and scale. SIPREC uses a client/server architecture, where the SIPREC client (the Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller in the image below) initiates SIPREC sessions with the SIPREC server (the Oracle ISR).

The ISR SIPREC diagram is described in the paragraph above.

For an introduction to SIPREC and its configuration on the Oracle Session Border Controller, see the "Selective Call Recording/SIPREC" appendix in this guide or .

Session Recording Client Support

The ISR has been tested with the following SIPREC Session Recording Platforms:

  • Oracle communications Session Border Controller
  • Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller
  • Broadworks Application Server R21