OPERA Gaming Interface

The OPERA Gaming Interface offers intelligent connectivity between OPERA and the major casino Patron Tracking Systems. The OPERA Exchange Interface (OXI) provides instant two-way communication between OPERA and the PTS so that the two systems can share information in real time.

The OPERA Comp Accounting license (OPP_GCA) provides a set of features and enhancements that customize OPERA functionality for comp accounting. OPERA Comp Accounting functionality is integrated into the standard OPERA modules, including Configuration, Reservations, Profiles, Memberships, Cashiering, and AR.

When combined with the OPERA Gaming Interface (such as OPX_GA2, OPX_ACRS, OPX_BALL), OPERA Comp Accounting meets specific comp accounting needs of casinos and gaming resorts that use an external Patron Tracking System (PTS).

Note: The comp accounting features enabled by the OPERA Comp Accounting license (OPP_GCA) described here can be used with or without the OPERA Gaming Interface license codes.

The following list provides a summary of the advantages of using OPERA Comp Accounting and the OPERA Gaming Interface.

The following concepts and procedures are associated with OPERA Gaming: