Alternate Event Space

The alternate space option (available when the Catering > Alternate Space application function is set to Y) allows for the ability to book alternate function spaces for the same event. This may be needed because the event is booked in an outside function space, and the hotel wants to secure a back up space in case of inclement weather.


When setting up Event Spaces from the System Configuration > Reservations > Function Space Classifications > Function Space, select the Force Alternate check box. This forces the user to select an alternate function space anytime the function space is added to an event. Alternate Space Events can have a static name (e.g., 'Alternate') assigned, rather than repeating the event name. A static name can be configured using the application setting Catering > Alternate Space Event Name. If left blank, the event name of the regular event will be repeated for the alternate event.


When booking a new event through Business Management > Events, selecting a space that has been set up to force an alternate, will force the user to select additional spaces before the event can be saved. All of the alternate spaces will display as sub-events under the master event. Instead of an M or an S displaying in the Master/Sub-Event column, an A will display to inform the user that it is an alternate event. Resources cannot be attached to alternate events.

Switching Spaces

Only the alternate (A) sub-event can be switched. A right-click option, Convert to Master Event, is available to switch spaces. The resources for the master event will have to be moved to the alternate event. When some or all of the resources have been selected to be moved, select the Proceed button to complete the conversion. This process is completed for each of the alternate spaces until there is only one left. When only one alternate space remains, select the last resources to copy over and convert the alternate space to be the master event. This will in turn, add the Alternate function space to the master and remove the last Alternate.


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