Performance Monitor

The Performance Monitor allows you to view the number of messages processed and the average processing time. The following message types can be viewed:

Users can view the current date's average timings when the performance monitor screen was accessed as well as view average timings of past dates. To view past dates, populate the "Process Date," "Begin Time," and "End Time" fields and select the Get Process Time button. This will return the Message type, Records Processed and Average Processing Time for each Message Type.


Viewing all Type A and Type B Booking Messages

You can view all Type A and Type B messages for Booking requests as well as Type A messages for Area, General, and Detailed availability.

Select the Details link to view the logs of a particular message type. When the Details link is selected, you will be prompted to use the Search Log Utility that is available with the latest e-patch upgrade of V5.0.01.03. The below page will display notifying you to use the SearchLogUtility that is located on the OEDS server desktop.


Note: The Search Log Utility is deployed during an OEDS installation or upgrade.