Order Status Reports and On-line Inquiries

In this part: This part presents the reports and on-line inquiries you use to monitor order activity for your company according to a variety of criteria.

Order Status and Activity Reports provides examples of the reports related to researching an order through Order Inquiry, including order cancellation reports, backorder reports, sales journals, shipment analyses, and prepaid orders lists.

Reviewing Order Activity describes several on-line inquiry functions that can help you evaluate your order activity.

Ship Via/Item Inquiry (SVII) describes how to review the shippable orders for different shippers, broken out by item.

Printing Backorder Reports by Descending Dollars (PBOD) describes how to generate the Backorder Report by Descending Dollars and provides a sample report

Reviewing Operations Control Summary (FLSH) allows you to review operations and merchandising summary information.

Reviewing Pending Orders (DOSS) describes how to review orders requiring further processing or action.

Sales Summary (DSSS) describes a screen you can use to review sales numbers and amounts for the current date, week, and month, as well as sales for the current date broken out by order type and entity.

Printing the Order Type Summary by Delivery Type Report (PDTS) describes how to generate the Order Type Summary by Delivery Type Report and provides a sample report.

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