Order Status and Activity Reports

Purpose: By using the reports listed below, you can research cancellation, backorder, shipment and sales activity.

Submit Order Cancellation List Screen (POCL)

- Order Cancellation List

Printing Backorder Reports (PBOR)

- Print Backorder Report Selection Prompt Screen

- Backorder Report by Item

- Backorder Report by Item with SKU Details

- Backorder Report by Warehouse

- Backorder Report by Warehouse with SKU Details

- Backorder Report by Vendor

- Backorder Report by Vendor with SKU Details

- Backorder Report by Vendor w/PO

- Backorder Report by Vendor/SKU/PO

Printing the Sales Journal (PDSJ)

- Out-of-Balance Invoices

- Reporting by Division

- Standard Sales Journal

- Sales Journal by Division

Printing the Sales Journal by Pay Type (PSJP)

- Sales Journal by Pay Type

Printing the Sales Journal Summary (PSJM)

- Sales Journal Summary by Period

- Sales Journal Summary by Offer

- Sales Journal Summary by Descending Dollars

- Sales Journal Summary by Invoice Date

- Sales Journal Summary by Entity/Offer

Sales Journal Summary by Order Type (Note: You generate this report through a periodic function)

Printing Sales Journal Errors (PSJE)

- Print Sales Journal Errors Screen

- Sales Journal Errors Report

Printing the Order Shipment Analysis (POSA)

- Order Shipment Analysis Report

Printing the Open Prepaid Order List (POPP)

- Open Prepaid Order List

Print the Order Addition Report (PAAR)

- Order Addition Audit Report

Printing the Sales Tax Report by State (PSTX)

- State Tax Report

Printing the State Tax Detail Report (PSTD)

- State Tax Detail Report

Printing the Order Demand/Sales Reports (PSSR)

- Salesman Demand Report

- Source Shipped Report

Item Purchase and Sales Aging Report (LIPS)

- Item Purchase and Sales Aging Report

Print Order Control Report (POCT)

- Order Control Report Screen

- Operations Control Report

Printing the Held Order Report (PHOR)

- Held Order by Reason Code Report

Printing the Daily Business Status Report (DBST)

- Daily Business Status Report

Printing the Order Reconciliation Report (PORS)

Order Reconciliation Report

Printing the Held Orders by Pay Type Report (PHOP)

- Held Order by Pay Type Report

Printing the Price Override Reason Report (PROR)

- Identifying the User who Applied the Price Override

- Print Price Override Reason Report Screen

Printing the Return Reason Report (PRRR)

- Return Reason Report

Printing the Exchange Reason Report (PERR)

- Exchange Reason Report

For information on how to research order activity through on-line inquiries, see Reviewing Order Activity.

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