Managing Soldouts and Backorders

In this part:

Working with Soldout Controls (WSLD) shows you how to create, change, delete, and display soldout controls in the Soldout Control table.

Processing Auto Soldout Cancellations (MASO) presents the screen you use to cancel soldout items from those orders that contain them.

Generating Soldout Notifications (MSON) shows you how to use the Print Soldout Notifications screen to produce soldout notifications that you send to your customers.

Purchase Order Layering and Backorder Notifications shows you how to use the Generate Backorder Cards function to print backorder notification cards and the Backorder Cancellation Register.

Working with Held Detail Lines (WOHD) shows you how to use the Work with Order Hold Detail screen. You use this screen to work with items that were held because they were coordinate grouped with items canceled through Process Auto Soldouts.

Working with Backorders Pending Cancellation (WBPC) shows you how to use this menu option to continue to work with backorders once you have generated a second notice if the FTC--second notice output system control value is set to FILE or FILE/PRINT.

Processing Item Substitutions (PSUB) shows you how to cancel all open, unreserved order lines for a particular item and add a substitute item to each order.

CS12_00 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC