Working with Held Detail Lines (WOHD)

Purpose: Use the Work with Order Hold Detail function to review or release coordinate grouped items that were held by Processing Auto Soldout Cancellations (MASO).

The Process Auto Soldouts function cancels all open, unreserved lines for any item with a soldout control code of “sellout immediately” defined in the Item table. If the item is coordinate grouped with other items, you have the option of placing the related items on hold at the time you process auto soldouts. Coordinate groups, identified by a code in the Item table, include items that you can sell separately, but should be shipped together when they appear on the same order. An example would be a matching skirt and blouse, or a cup, plate and bowl set.

You can use the Work with Order Hold Detail function to release held coordinate group items, or to advance to Order Maintenance. In Order Maintenance, you have the option of releasing the items, canceling them, selling them out or maintaining the order in any other way. When you release, cancel, or sell out the held item, you remove it from the Order Hold Detail table.


• The system places coordinate grouped items on hold only when related items are soldout through Processing Auto Soldout Cancellations (MASO), not when you sell out an item through Order Entry by selecting Sell Out, and not when an item sells out in Order Entry automatically because of a soldout control code in the Item table.

• This menu option does not display order lines put in hold status manually, or through a special handling format; see Putting a Line on Hold through a Special Handling Format.

In this chapter:

Work with Order Hold Detail Screen

Releasing Items

For more information:

Processing Auto Soldout Cancellations (MASO)

Changing Item Detail Line Information in Order Maintenance

Working with Existing Items (MITM) for more information on assigning coordinate groups or soldout controls to items.

Work with Order Hold Detail Screen

Purpose: Use this screen to review held coordinate group items, release the items, or advance to Order Maintenance.

How to display this screen: Enter WOHD in the Fast path field at the top of any menu or select Work with Order Hold Detail from a menu.




The batch number assigned by the system when you processed auto soldouts. The system may reuse a batch number if all the items in the batch have been released or canceled.

Numeric, 7 positions; optional.


The number of the order that includes the soldout and held items.

Numeric, 8 positions; optional.


The line number of the item on the order.

Numeric, 5 positions; display-only.

CG (Coordinate group)

The coordinate group code assigned to the item in the Item table.

Numeric, 3 positions; optional.

Item no.

This code represents a unit of inventory that you sell. Item codes are defined in and validated against the Item table. See Performing Initial Item Entry (MITM).

Alphanumeric, 12 positions; optional.

Clr size wdth (SKU codes)

The item's unique characteristics, such as its color and size. The SKU column headings defined in the System Control table display here.

Alphanumeric, three 4-position fields; display-only.


The description associated with the Item.

Alphanumeric, 25 positions; display-only.

Customer first name (Unlabeled field below the coordinate group code)

The first name of the customer who placed the order.

Alphanumeric, 15 positions; display-only.

Customer last name (Unlabeled field below the SKU fields)

The last name of the customer who placed the order.

Alphanumeric, 25 positions; display-only.

Phone number (Unlabeled field below the item description)

The daytime phone number of the customer who placed the order.

Alphanumeric, 14 positions; display-only.

Screen Option


Release an item

Select Release for an item to release it. See Releasing Items.

Advance to Order Maintenance

Select Order Maintenance for an item to advance to Order Maintenance, where you can release the item, cancel it, sell it out, or maintain the order in other ways. When you cancel, release, or sell out the item, you remove it from the Order Hold Detail table. See Changing Item Detail Line Information in Order Maintenance.

Batch release

Select Batch Release. See Releasing Items.

Print a list

Select Print List to print the Order Hold Detail Report, listing all held coordinate group items.

Releasing Items

Release an item: Select Release for an item at the Work with Order Hold Detail Screen to release it. The item disappears from the screen, and the status of the order line changes to open. The item is now eligible to print on a pick slip.

Release a batch: Select Batch Release at the Work with Order Hold Detail Screen to release an entire batch. You might need to release an entire batch at once if you processed an auto soldout inadvertently, or if you determine that the held items in the batch can be shipped alone without notifying customers.

Enter the number of the batch you want to release in this pop-up window. The system releases the batch, and all the held items within the batch disappear from the Work with Order Hold Detail Screen.

Pick slip preparation: When you release an item or batch from hold, the system determines whether the order is eligible for pick slip preparation; see Preparing Orders for Pick Slip Generation.

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