Backorder Cancellation Register

How to print: The system generates this list when you process backorder notifications through Generate Backorder Notices (GBOC); it provides information on each item due to be canceled from an order.

Excluded from the backorder cancellation register: Items/SKUs whose Suppress backorder card field is selected; see Performing Initial Item Entry (MITM).

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.


• Order number and number of shipping address

• Sold-to customer name (name of person who placed the order)

• Order line number

• Item code

• SKU codes, if any

• Quantity backordered

• Scheduled cancel date

How to use this report: Use this report as a guide for contacting customers to suggest alternative items, or for canceling the backordered items through Order Maintenance.

For more information: See Working with Backorders Pending Cancellation (WBPC).

CS12_04r OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC