Generic Pick Out API

Purpose: Use the generic pick out API to generate an outbound pick slip message.

About the message: The CWPickOut message produced for a new or reprinted pick slip includes the entire contents of each of the tables related to the pick slip. For example, for each item included on the order, the CWPickOut message includes the contents of the Item and SKU tables. Your integration might not require all of the information in the message, and can omit any unneeded information when mapping the message to another system.

Which items included? Other items on the order are included in the CWPickOut message even if they are not ready to ship because they are backordered, held, or drop shipments; however, the message does not include any pick location details for items that are not included on the pick slip.

The pick slip does not include any information on canceled or soldout items.

Warehouse management settings for pick slip generation: If you are using a warehouse management system and do not need to generate printable pick slips, you can select the Bypass Creation of Pick Forms during WSPS Pick Generation (K55) system control value to prevent generating printable pick slips when you use Streamlined Pick Slip Generation (WSPS). To improve performance for the other pick slip generation options:

• Leave the Pick Printing Program (C37) system control value blank.

• If you do not print drop ship pick slips, leave the Drop Ship Pick Print Program (E92) system control value blank.

• Unselect the Use Cart/Bin Picking? (B38) system control value.

See Pick Out Processing for a listing of the options that generate printable pick slips or pick out triggers.

In this chapter:

Pick Out Processing

- Message Flow

- Sample CWPickOut Message (New or Reprinted Pick Slip)

- Sample CWPickOut message (Void Pick Slip)

Pick Message from Order Management System (CWPickOut)

Pick Out Processing

The system generates a trigger record of type PCH when you generate pick slips if the Create Generic Pick Download Triggers (I31) system control value is selected. The PICK_OUT process in Working with Integration Layer Processes (IJCT) generates the Pick Message from Order Management System (CWPickOut) for each of these trigger records.

You can generate pick slips and PCH trigger records through:



Streamlined Pick Slip Generation (WSPS)


Selecting Vendors for Drop Ship Processing (MDSP)

if you print drop ship invoices; see Possible Drop Ship Output

Processing Drop Ship Orders by Batch (MDSB)

if you print drop ship invoices; see Possible Drop Ship Output

Receiving a drop ship purchase order (fast path = PORC)

if you print drop ship invoices and the Print Drop Ship Invoice at time of Purchase Order Receiving (F10) system control value is selected

Reprinting and Voiding Pick Slips (WVRP or WSVP)


Note: If you print drop ship invoices during drop ship processing and when you receive a drop ship purchase order, the system will generate a PCH trigger for both functions.

When generating the outbound message, the PICK_OUT process uses trigger rules and XML inclusion settings as described below.

Pick Out Trigger Rules

You can set a trigger rule for the pick out API based on the company number specified in the Pick Control Header table. See Defining Outbound Interface Trigger Rules for more information.

Pick Out XML Inclusion

As with other outbound messages generated through Working with Integration Layer Processes (IJCT), you can use the Outbound Interface XML Inclusion Screen to exclude elements and their contents from the Pick Message from Order Management System (CWPickOut). The XML inclusion options for the pick out API are:




















If you choose to exclude an element, all of the subordinate elements and attributes of that element will also be excluded.

If you exclude the PickHeader element, the message will not include any information.

Note: XML inclusion settings are not specific to a company. Any XML inclusion settings you create apply to all companies for which you generate trigger records.

Message Flow

Pick slip information is transmitted as follows:

• You generate pick slips using the options listed under Pick Out Processing.

• The PICK_OUT process in Working with Integration Layer Processes (IJCT) creates a trigger record for each pick slip, assigning it a record type of PCH (pick control header). You can review the trigger records at the Work with Outbound Interface Transactions Screen.

Note: Optionally, you can use trigger rules for the PICK_OUT process to restrict trigger creation to one or more specific companies.

• The PICK_OUT process creates the Pick Message from Order Management System (CWPickOut), and then resets the trigger record to processed (X) status.

Void transactions: When you void a pick slip, the PICK_OUT process determines whether to send a CWPickOut message to the external system.

• If a CWPickOut message has already been processed for the generation of the pick slip that was voided (the PCH trigger record for the Add transaction is in a processed (X) status or a PCH trigger record no longer exists for the generation of the pick), the system creates a delete trigger record for the pick slip and sends a CWPickOut message to the external system indicating to delete the pick slip.

• If a CWPickOut message has not yet been processed for the generation of the pick slip that was voided (the PCH trigger record for the Add transaction is in a ready (R) or pending (P) status), the system creates a delete trigger record for the pick slip. However, instead of sending a CWPickOut message to the external system for the generation and delete of the pick slip, the system updates the PCH trigger records for the Add and Delete transaction to processed (X) and does not generate a CWPickOut message.

Re-sending transactions: You can re-send a CWPickOut message by resetting the status of its trigger record at the Work with Outbound Interface Transactions Screen. Note: If a PCH trigger is associated with a drop ship invoice/pick, you will not be able to re-send a CWPickOut message for the trigger because the system deletes the pick records immediately after the drop ship forms are generated.

Active Procedure: The system creates an Active Procedure record when the PICK_OUT job starts to prevent another PICK_OUT job from running at the same time. See Purge Active Procedures Across Users (MACX) for more information on reviewing current Active Procedures.

Sample Pick Slip Messages

A sample CWPickOut message is presented below. The system generates a full CWPickOut message for a new or reprinted pick slip, and generates an abbreviated CWPickOut message for a void pick slip. The transaction_type indicates whether this is a new or reprinted pick slip (transaction type A) or a request to void a pick slip (transaction type D).

Sample CWPickOut Message (New or Reprinted Pick Slip)


<Message source="CWSerenade" target="cwi" type="CWPickOut" date_created="2009-09-17" time_created="08:36:36">

<PickHeader transaction_type="A" company="7" pick_nbr="1511" pick_status="M" nbr_labels="2" billing_batch_nbr="701" date_printed="2009-09-17" time_printed="08:05:02" cart_batch_nbr="574" pick_zone1="P" nbr_lines="1" gen_type="R" po_nbr="4876" merch_amt="12.00" tax_amt="0.60" amt_paid="25.50" total_order_amt="12.60" first_pick="N" master_carton_nbr="1510" master_carton_pick="N" master_label_order="N" order_nbr="2303" order_shipto_nbr="1" sold_to_customer_nbr="4" ship_to_prefix="MRS" ship_to_fname="MARY" ship_to_initial="N" ship_to_lname="JOHNSON" ship_to_suffix="MDM" ship_to_company="COMPANY NAME" ship_to_apt="FRONT" ship_to_addr1="11 EXAMPLE ST" ship_to_addr2="ADDRESS LINE 2" ship_to_addr3="SECOND STREET ADDRESS FRNT FRNT" ship_to_country="USA" ship_to_country_name="UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" ship_to_city="WESTBOROUGH" ship_to_state="MA" ship_to_state_name="MASSACHUSETTS" ship_to_postal_code="01581-1006" ship_to_delivery_code="R" ship_to_po_box_flag="N" ship_to_day_phone="5085550100" ship_to_day_ext="1234" ship_to_eve_phone="5085550101" ship_to_eve_ext="1234" ship_to_fax_phone="5085550102" ship_to_fax_ext="1234" ship_to_email_address="" ship_via="3" ship_via_desc="FEDERAL EXPRESS" drop_point="1" whse="8" whse_company="7" nbr_cartons="2">

<CustomerSoldToAddress company="7" sold_to_customer_nbr="4" sold_to_alternate_id="000000003" sold_to_prefix="MRS" sold_to_fname="MARY" sold_to_initial="N" sold_to_lname="JOHNSON" sold_to_suffix="MDM" sold_to_company="COMPANY NAME" sold_to_apt="FRONT" sold_to_addr1="11 EXAMPLE ST" sold_to_addr2="ADDRESS LINE 2" sold_to_addr3="SECOND STREET ADDRESS FRNT FRNT" sold_to_country="USA" sold_to_country_name="UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" sold_to_city="WESTBOROUGH" sold_to_state="MA" sold_to_state_name="MASSACHUSETTS" sold_to_postal_code="01581-1006" sold_to_delivery_code="R" sold_to_email_address="" sold_to_email_status="O1" sold_to_po_box_flag="N" sold_to_day_phone="5085550100" sold_to_day_ext="1234" sold_to_eve_phone="5085550102" sold_to_eve_ext="1234" sold_to_fax_phone="5085550101" sold_to_fax_ext="1234">


<CustomerBillToAddress company="7" bill_to_customer_nbr="42" bill_to_prefix="MRS" bill_to_fname="HELEN" bill_to_initial="N" bill_to_lname="SMITH" bill_to_suffix="MDM" bill_to_company="COMPANY NAME" bill_to_apt="FRONT" bill_to_addr1="11 EXAMPLE ST" bill_to_addr2="ADDRESS LINE 2" bill_to_addr3="SECOND STREET ADDRESS FRNT FRNT" bill_to_city="WESTBOROUGH" bill_to_state="MA" bill_to_state_name="MASSACHUSETTS" bill_to_postal_code="01581-1006" bill_to_country="USA" bill_to_country_name="UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" bill_to_day_phone="5085550106" bill_to_day_ext="1234" bill_to_eve_phone="5085550107" bill_to_eve_ext="1234" bill_to_fax_phone="5085550108" bill_to_fax_ext="1234" bill_to_email_address="" bill_to_email_status="O1" bill_to_delivery_code="R" bill_to_po_box_flag="N" />

<OrderHeader company="7" order_nbr="2303" nbr_recipients="1" order_date="2009-09-17" entered_date="2009-09-17" entered_time="07:58:59" email_confirm_date="2009-09-17" bill_to_customer_nbr="42" sold_to_customer_nbr="4" order_type="P" order_type_desc="PHONE ORDER" sales_rep_nbr="1" source="SOURCE7" customer_class="CL" email_address="" entity="207" entity_description="ENTITY 207" />

<OrderShipTo company="7" order_nbr="2303" order_shipto_nbr="1" tax_code="T" addl_charge_amt="1.00" addl_charge_balance_amt="1.00" arrival_date="2009-09-17" cancel_bo="N" cancel_date="2009-10-01" freight_amt="2.00" freight_balance_amt="2.00" gift_order="N" merch_amt="20.00" merch_balance_amt="20.00" ship_complete="N" tax_amt="1.00" tax_balance_amt="1.00" po_nbr="4876" nbr_lines="2" addl_freight_amt="1.50" addl_freight_balance_amt="1.50" whse="8" ship_via="1" ship_via_desc="PARCEL POST - USPS" line_of_business="LB1" line_of_business_desc="LINE OF BUSINESS 1" />


<OrderPayment pay_type="1" pay_type_desc="CASH, CHECKS PAYTYPE" pay_category="1" />



<PickHeaderMsg seq_nbr="1" msg_type="OH" msg="Order Header Message to print on Pick Slip" />



<PickDetail company="7" pick_nbr="1511" pick_line_nbr="1" original_qty_printed="1" qty_printed="1" cart_bin_nbr="2" affect_inventory="Y" selling_price="12.00" selling_price_extended="12.00" qty_ordered="1" tax_amt="0.60000" order_nbr="2303" order_shipto_nbr="1" order_detail_nbr="2" item="ITEM2" item_desc="ITEM2 ITEM DESCRIPTION - REGULAR ITEM">


<PickLocation company="7" pick_nbr="1511" pick_line_nbr="1" whse="8" whse_company="7" whse_zone="P" whse_location="PRIMARY" qty_allocated="1" />


<OrderDetail company="7" order_nbr="2303" order_shipto_nbr="1" order_detail_nbr="2" discount_applied="A" affect_inventory="Y" arrival_date="2009-09-17" coordinate_group="2" date_printed="2009-09-17" date_reserved="2009-09-17" original_price="12.00" selling_price="12.00" qty_ordered="1" qty_printed="1" qty_reserved="1" tax_amt="0.60000" time_reserved="08:00:09" gift_wrap="N" date_entered="2009-09-17" time_entered="07:58:58" freight_override="N" offer_price="10.00" price_method="X" set_main_item="N" prediscount_amt="12.00" warranty_item="N" item="ITEM2" item_desc="ITEM2 ITEM DESCRIPTION - REGULAR ITEM" offer="7" source="SOURCE7" />

<Item Company="7" Item_Number="ITEM2" Allow_SKUs="N" Drop_ship_item="N" Long_SKU_style="LSITEM2" Long_SKU_vendor="7" Non-inventory="N" Standard_cost="5.0000" ITM_Allow_Pct_discount="Y" ITM_Oversize_flag="N" ITM_Description="ITEM2 ITEM DESCRIPTION - REGULAR ITEM" ITM_Exclude_From_Flex_Pay="N" ITM_Royalty="N" ITM_Membership="N" ITM_Create_Date="1090707" Long_SKU_class="1" LSC_Description="1 LONG SKU CLASS" LSD_Department="1" LSD_Description="LONG SKU DEPARTMENT CODE 1" LSD_Long_Sku_Division="1" Long_SKU_Div_Description="LONG SKU DIVISION CODE 1" Unit_of_measure="EA" UOM_Description="EACH" UOM_Units="1" Vendor_Nbr="7" VIA_Ship_via_code="0">

<SKU SKU_Subscription="N" SKU_Gift_certificate="N" Out_of_stock_flag="N" Restrict_orders="N" Short_SKU="153" Sale_credit_flag="N" SKU_Open_qty="82" SKU_On_hold_qty="2" SKU_VAT_Exempt_flag="N" SKU_Suppress_BO_Card="N" SKU_Returnable="N" SKU_Last_Download_Qty="100" SKU_Create_Date="1090707" Warehouse="8" Warehouse_name="WAREHOUSE 8 TEST ALLOCATION" SKU_Element_1_Name="COLR" SKU_Element_2_Name="SIZE" SKU_Element_3_Name="OTHR" SKU_ITC_Category="MAGN" Item_category_description="MAGNETS" />



<PickDetailMsg pick_line_nbr="1" seq_nbr="1" msg_type="OL" msg="Order Line Message to print on Pick" />






Sample CWPickOut message (Void Pick Slip)


<Message source="CWSerenade" target="cwi" type="CWPickOut" date_created="2010-06-01" time_created="08:37:37">

<PickHeader transaction_type="D" company="7" pick_nbr="1997" pick_status="V" />


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