Fill Rate Report

Purpose: This report shows you the number and percentage of orders that you have stock for on the first shipment (therefore, shipping the order complete), plus the number and percentage of orders with backordered items.

The column on the left of the report shows you up to 8 weeks in the specified date range for the specified offer or all offers that are effective during these dates.

For example, in week 1, you had the ability to ship 7 orders complete, or 58.33% of all orders shipped in week 1. The calculation is:

7 / (7 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 0)


How to print: Select the Fill Rate Report field on the Submit Fill Rate Reports Screen.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.


Date range: The dates for which you want to report on your backorder/fulfillment status. This date range is associated with the effective dates for the offer, as defined in the Offer date range fields in the Offer table. Only offers effective during this date range will be included on these reports.

Offer: The code for the catalog, space or television advertisement you want to report on. The report will reflect the backorder/fulfillment status for this offer only. Offer codes are defined in and validated against the Offer table.

Instock rate:

100% In Stock: This column shows the number and percentage of orders that had stock for all items on the first shipment. Because of this, you were able to ship these orders complete.

#-# lines B/O: lines backordered. These columns show the number and percentage of orders that did not have stock for all items on the order, so that one or more items were backordered and the order required more than one shipment.

Week # of Date Range: These rows on the report show the fill rate for each week in the offer. This information shows how well you forecasted demand for items in the offer.

Totals: The totals at the bottom of the report give the number and percentage of orders that were completely in stock or with varying degrees of backordered items.

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