Drop Ship Integration Items on Hold from Vendor Report

Purpose: This report lists drop ship items which you are fulfilling through integration with Order Broker’s Supplier Direct Fulfillment module which have placed on hold by your vendors.

Each vendor prints on a separate page.

How to print: Select Drop Ship Items on Hold in the Report selection field at the Drop Ship Integration Reports Screen.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.


From and To dates: The date range, if any, you selected when generating the report. This date range represents the date when the order line was put on hold by the vendor. The report displays all orders placed on hold from starting to ending dates, including starting and ending dates. Note: This is not the expected ship date or the revised expected ship date.

Vendor: The number and name of the vendor associated with the drop ship item that is on hold.

Telephone: The vendor’s telephone number.

Vendor Hold Date: The date the order line was placed on hold by the vendor. Note: This date is the date the vendor placed the order line on hold, not the expected ship date or revised expected ship date.

Sales Order: Sales order number and ship-to extension.

Line: The line number that has been placed on hold by the vendor.

Sold To: The sold-to customer on the order. If both the name and company are entered on the order, the report lists the company, with the customer name after the label ATTN. The first twenty positions for combined company and customer name print.

Item: The item that has been placed on hold by the vendor.

SKU: The SKU code, if any, of the item.

Quantity: The quantity of the item placed on hold.

Extended Cost: The extended cost. This is the vendor’s price for the item, from the PO Detail, Vendor Item, or SKU table, in that order.

Extended Price: The extended price. This is the retailer’s price for the item (the price charged to the customer).

PO Number: The purchase order number and PO line number.

Telephone: The sold-to telephone number (day or evening). If the customer has both day and evening telephone numbers, the evening telephone number prints.

Item description (unlabeled): The description of the item.

Status: The status of the order line in the integrated system.

Email: The customer’s email address.

Message (unlabeled): Additional information or hold reason entered by the vendor.


Vendor Units: The number of drop ship items on hold for the vendor.

Total Units: The number of drop ship items on hold across all vendors.

FU07_05r OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC