Updating Email Domains (MUEE)

Purpose: Use this function to universally update email addresses for a domain name. For example, you would use this function if ABC Corp. changed its name to XYZ Corp., and as a result all of its employees’ email addresses now end with @xyz.com instead of @abc.com.

Components of an email address: For the purposes of this menu option, the system searches for and replaces the domain name and/or the extension. For example, in direct@example.com, commercialware is the domain name and com is the extension. These are the only components of an email address that you can update through this menu option. The entire domain name and extension must be an exact match; for example, @mail.com is not a match for @123mail.com.

When you use this function, the system updates the domain name for all matching email addresses in the following tables:

• Customer Sold To

• Customer Sold To Email

• Customer Ship To

• Customer Bill To

• Vendor (both vendor email and remittance email addresses)

• Vendor Contact

• Order Ship To Address

• OM Batch Header

• Soldout Notification

• Threshold Value

Update Email Address Domain Screen

How to display this screen: Enter MUEE in the Fast path field at the top of any menu, or select Update Email Address Domain from a menu.

Completing this screen: Enter the domain name that you want to change and the domain name you want to change it to. Your entry must include the correct position of the @ sign and the period: the domain name must begin with the @ sign, and the period must be followed by an extension, such as com or gov, of one or more characters. For example, the following are correctly formatted domain names for this menu option:

• @example.com

• @mailcity.org

• @university.edu

The system rejects any domain names formatted like:

• commercialware.com

• @example

Important: The system does not verify that your entry is actually a valid, existing domain name.

Once you have entered the original and new domain names, Select Accept to submit. The system starts the UPDEMLDOM job and displays the following messages:

The update email address domain job has been submitted.

MUEE OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC