Printing the Email Error Report (PEME)

Purpose: Use this screen to generate a list of email addresses that are formatted incorrectly in the following tables:

• Customer Sold To

• Customer Sold To Email

• Customer Ship To

• Customer Bill To

• Vendor (both vendor email and remittance email addresses)

• Vendor Contact

• Order Ship To Address

• OM Batch Header

• Soldout Notification

• Threshold Value

In this chapter:

When is an Email Address in Error?

Email Errors Report Screen

Email Errors Report

When is an Email Address in Error?

An email address is considered in error if:

• there is not an @ sign and a period (.)

• there is no text:

- before the @ sign

- between the @ sign and the period

- after the period

For example, the following email addresses would appear on the error report:


• sbrown@example



Any additional validation? The system does not confirm that an entry represents a valid email address, or that the domain name (such as “company” in even exists.

Email Errors Report Screen

How to display this screen: Enter PEME in the Fast path field at the top of any menu, or select Email Error Report from a menu.

Completing this screen: Click Accept to submit the Email Errors Report.

PEME OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC