Online Credit Card Authorization Listing

Purpose: Use this report to review whether credit cards have been authorized, declined, not yet sent for authorization, or sent for authorization for a specific date range.

This report sorts in:

• Pay type/authorization date/status order if you selected Pay Type/Auth Date/Status in the Report sorts field.

• Status/pay type/last four positions of the credit card number order if you selected Status/Pay Type/Credit Card # in the Report sorts field.

How to print: Select Accept at the Authorization Listing Screen or perform batch authorization using the Performing Batch Authorization (SATH) menu option. When you generate this report through Performing Batch Authorization, it includes only declined authorizations.

Note: A similar report is generated when you receive authorizations during pick slip generation. See Credit Card Authorization Listing.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.


Order Number: The order number associated with the credit card authorization.

Billed: Set to Y if the order has been confirmed and processed through the Billing Async; otherwise, N.

Status: The status of the credit card authorization. Possible statuses are:

- blank = not yet sent to the authorization service for authorization

- A = Authorized.

- D = Declined. This is the only status included when you generate the report through Performing Batch Authorization (SATH).

- G = Generated.

- E = Error. Note that the status description is not printed.

- O = Authorized, but not used.

- S = Sent for Authorization.

- V = Voided.

Customer Number: The number identifying the customer associated with the credit card. This is the bill-to customer is one exists; otherwise this is the sold-to customer.

Credit Card Last 4: The last four positions of the credict card number. If you use credit card tokenization, this number may be a token rather than the actual credit card number.

Expiry Date: The date when this credit card is no longer valid.

Credit Card Response: The response code received from the authorization service. The vendor response indicates whether the credit card has been approved or declined.

Auth Number: The number identifying the credit card authorization.

Auth Date: The date when the credit card was authorized.

AVS Response: The AVS response received from the authorization service, if any. This response indicates whether the credit card billing address is legitimate or invalid.

Amount: The amount authorized against the credit card.

Customer Name: The billing name and address for the credit card. This is the bill-to customer name and address if one exists; otherwise, this is the sold-to customer name and address.

SO04_12r OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC