Default Male/Female Profile Code (C74)

Purpose: Use this screen to identify the profile code for male or female, which will be loaded during Order Entry or when entering a request for a catalog.

Number field: Enter the profile number for gender (male or female). When you enter an order or catalog request for a new customer, the system:

• checks for a default characteristic for the male/female profile code

• loads the default value to the M/F (Male/Female) field

You can override the default code, if necessary.

Demographic profile codes and associated characteristics are defined in the Profile table. See Setting Up Customer Profiles (WPFL).

Although you are required to enter a value here, the M/F field on the Order Entry or Catalog Request screen will not be loaded with a default value if you do not identify “Male” or “Female” as the default characteristic in the Profile Categories table.

IN03_02 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC