Number of Days to Delay Initial Backorder Notice (D89)

Purpose: Use this screen to define the number of days to delay sending backorder notices to your customers who place a mail order for merchandise that is currently out of stock.

Number field: Enter the number of days the system should delay before sending a notice to customers who ordered backordered merchandise.

The system uses this value only when calculating backorder notification dates for order types that require immediate notification (the Immediate B/O notice field in the Order Type table is selected). Typically, you would want to notify customer immediately about backordered items if they place an order through the mail or fax; you can inform customers who order by phone at the time you take their orders if an item they want is currently backordered.

The FTC requires you to notify your customers if an item they have ordered is backordered, and advise them when you expect the item to ship. You can use this system control value to build in a delay period if you do not believe it is necessary to notify your customers about out-of-stock items that you can ship within the given delay period.

Example: You print a notice on your order forms to allow 30 days for shipping, and set this system control value to 30. A customer orders an item on September 1 that is currently out of stock. The delay date for this order is October 1. You expect to receive a purchase order for this item by September 7. The system does not generate a backorder notice to the customer, because you expect to ship the item before 30 days has passed.

If the date you expect to receive this purchase order changes to October 5, or if October 1 passes and you have not received the purchase order, the system generates a backorder notice.

Similarly, if a customer orders an item on September 1 for an item on an open purchase order dated October 20, the system generates a purchase order because the expected ship date exceeds the delay date.

Set this field to 0 if you do not want to build in a delay period for generating backorder notices to your customers.

Note: You should run purchase order layering before generating backorder cards, to be sure that all information on the system regarding purchase order arrival dates and expected ship dates on related order detail lines is correct.

This system control value does not apply to drop ship items fulfilled through the integration with Order Broker’s Drop Ship Manager. See the Interface with Order Broker’s Supplier Direct Fulfillment Module: Overview and Setup for more information.

For more information: See Purchase Order Layering and Backorder Notifications for more information on generating backorder notices and running batch purchase order layering.

IN03_08 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC