FTC -- # of Days to Add for Special Handling (C67)

Purpose: Use this screen to define the number of days added to the expected PO receipt date for items with special handling.

Number field: Enter the number of days for the system to add to the expected PO receipt date for items with special handling. The system performs this calculation for FTC (Federal Trade Commission) notifications, which you use to advise the customer about an out of stock item and specify the date when the item will arrive. This allows the customer to cancel the order, if desired. In general, you set up the system to notify mail order customers immediately about a backordered item, while you advise customers who order by phone at the time they place their order; see Establishing Order Types (WOTY).

Example: The customer places a mail order for a trophy, which is currently backordered. Because you received the order through the mail and there is a backorder, you must send an FTC notification card to the customer.

The arrival date on this card takes into account PO layering (in which previous backorders are fulfilled before the new order) and special handling (engraving the name plate on the trophy). If the vendor is expected to ship the trophies to you on April 1st and the value in this field is 19, the date on the FTC notice will be April 20.

For more information: See Purchase Order Layering and Backorder Notifications for more information on PO layering and backorder cards.

IN03_08 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC