Return Confirmation E-Mail Program (H53)

Purpose: Use this screen to define the program to generate email return confirmations.

System name field: Enter the program name to use for generating return confirmations. The standard base program is RtnConf, which generates a notification email in HTML format. Unless you are using a unique return confirmation program or the outbound email API, described below, you need to have this system control value set to RtnConf in order to generate the return confirmation email.

For more information: See Return Confirmation Email Sample and Contents.

Outbound email API: Order Management System generates a generic outbound XML message, rather than an actual email, for return notifications if the XML only flag for the return confirmation template is selected and this system control value is not blank. The Outbound Email XML Message (CWEmailOut) includes additional information that is not included in the standard email notice. You might choose to generate the XML message so that you can use the additional information to produce a reformatted HTML email and include promotional information.

For more information: See Outbound Email API for an overview and message details.

How to generate return confirmations: The system generates a return confirmation email or Outbound Email XML Message (CWEmailOut) when you:

• process a return through billing if the Send Shipment Confirmation from Billing (L98) system control value is selected.

• generate return confirmations using the Send Internet Order Ship Confirmations menu option; see Sending Internet Order Ship Confirmation (ESCF).

• execute the ECSHCNF periodic function; see Working with Periodic Functions (WPER).

Company-level or entity-level email template? The system generates an email using the text from the return confirmation email template, set up through the Working with E-Mail Notification Templates (WEMT) menu option. If you have not set up a template, the system emails the standard return confirmation. You can also set up an email template at the entity level as an override; see Email Setup within Order Management System for more information.

Determining when to email a return confirmation: The E-Mail Shipment Confirmations for All Orders (H52) system control value determines whether to generate a return confirmation email or Outbound Email XML Message (CWEmailOut) for all orders or only for e-commerce orders (received through the order API). See When Does the System Generate an Email Notification? for an overview.

The system generates a return confirmation email or Outbound Email XML Message (CWEmailOut) only if the customer’s Opt in/Opt out field is set to O1 or O2, and the customer has an Email address.

The system does not generate a return confirmation if the return disposition assigned to the return matches the return disposition code defined in the Return Disposition Code to Exclude in ORCE Sales Feed (M22) system control value and the Suppress refund field in the Order Payment Method table is set to Y.

Leave this field blank if you do not wish to email a return confirmation or generate the Outbound Email XML Message (CWEmailOut).

IN03_08 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC