Write Outbound Email to Email Repository (H99)

Purpose: Use this screen to indicate whether to keep a record of email notifications you send to customers in the email repository.

Yes/No field: Select this field to save a copy of each outbound email notification or Outbound Email XML Message (CWEmailOut) to the Correspondence History table. Outbound email notifications include:

• order confirmations

• credit card credit acknowledgements

• soldout notifications

• shipment confirmations

• backorder notices

• return confirmations

• order update confirmations

• stored value card notifications

Reviewing outbound emails: You can review outbound email notices at the:

Work with Email by Order Number Screen

Work with Email by Customer Sold To Number Screen

Work with Email by Customer Ship To Number Screen

Work with Email by Customer Bill To Number Screen

At these screens, an outbound email has a Source of INT (internal) rather than EXT external. The Email category is NTF (notification). The subject line of the email indicates the type of notification that was sent. However, because the text of each type of outbound email does not vary from customer to customer, the system does not save the text in the Correspondence History Detail table; no text is available for review by selecting Display detail for an outbound email at any of the screens listed above.

Outbound email API: You can specify to generate a generic outbound XML message, rather than an actual email, for order, return, or shipment notifications. This XML message includes additional information that is not included in the standard email notice. You might choose to generate the XML message so that you can use the information to produce a reformatted HTML email and include promotional information. If this system control value is selected and you generate the Outbound Email XML Message (CWEmailOut), you see the same type of information for these notices at the screens listed above as you would if the system had generated an actual email notification. See Outbound Email API for an overview.

Notification email category: To save outbound emails in correspondence history, you need an email category of NTF (notification). The system automatically creates this category the first time you advance to the Work with Email Category Screen.

For more information: See:

Email Repository Overview for an overview of inbound emails

Working with E-Mail Notification Templates (WEMT) for information on when the system generates email notifications

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