Displaying Order Totals in Foreign Currency

Purpose: Use this function to convert, then display the order totals in the customer's currency.

Using this feature: Select Foreign Curr Dsp at the Display Order Summary Screen to convert the order totals to the customer's currency.

Alternate currency order totals: If you are using alternate currency pricing (the Use Alternate Currency Pricing (H89) system control value is selected), the order totals on this screen display in the local currency. You can review the order totals in the alternate currency on the Alternate Currency View Screen. See Using Alternate Currency Pricing for an overview and required setup.

About currency conversion: When you select Foreign Curr Dsp, the system gets the country code for the sold-to customer (the customer who placed the order), then checks the Currency table (fast path = WCUR).

If a currency code has been defined for this country, the system multiplies each order total bucket by the conversion rate, and displays the order totals in the customer's own currency. This way, the order total is more meaningful to the customer.

Important: The figures on this screen will not be correct if the Multi Currency by Offer (E03) system control value is selected; in this case, the figures displayed at the other standard order inquiry screen, and in order entry and order maintenance, are already in the customer's currency.

Example: The customer calls from Italy to inquire on the charges and items on an order. You select Order Summary to review the order totals.

Next, you select Foreign Curr Dsp to display the totals expressed in the customer's own currency. The system performs the currency conversion immediately, using the current conversion rate from the Currency table, and updates the order totals appropriately.

If no Currency is Defined for the Country

The system issues a message if there is no currency defined for the customer's country in the Currency table, and you will not be able to view the order totals in the customer's currency when you select System Currency Display:

No currency match found for country XXX.



• The value in the Total field is the sum of all other order totals fields (Merch, Frt, Frt+, Chg, Tax, and Hnd); no conversion is performed on this field.

• Currency values extending beyond 2 decimal places are rounded up or down to the nearest integer value, such as a dollar value.

• The country code and the currency code must be the same for order totals conversion.

• The order totals are converted using the current currency rate. This means that the order totals you see on this screen may be different from the order totals at shipping time.

• Selecting System Currency Display toggles between displaying the order totals in the customer's (foreign) currency or in the system currency.

CS04_06 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC