Using Analytic Model Viewer Alongside PeopleSoft Application Designer

It can be profitable to use the Analytic Model Viewer side by side with PeopleSoft Application Designer. This approach enables you to update the analytic model within PeopleSoft Application Designer and then quickly see the results of those updates by reloading the analytic instance within the Analytic Model Viewer. This approach enables you to change both the data and metadata for your model at the same time.

To use the Analytic Model Viewer alongside PeopleSoft Application Designer:

  1. Create an analytic model.

    See Understanding the Analytic Model Definition Creation Process, Creating a New Analytic Model Definition, Opening an Analytic Model Definition.

  2. Specify what analytic model works with what analytic type definition.

    See Defining an Analytic Type.

  3. Access the Create Analytic Instance page, and create an analytic instance based upon the analytic type definition.

    See Creating, Deleting, and Copying Analytic Instances.

  4. Access the Analytic Model Viewer, and open the analytic instance you created.

    See Viewing Analytic Model Properties.

  5. From within PeopleSoft Application Designer, modify the analytic model.

  6. From within the Analytic Model Viewer, click the Reload Model button.