Migrating Configuration Data Using ADS

PeopleSoft provides ADS definitions to migrate configuration data from one environment to another as a project file.

For information on using ADS, see Understanding ADS Projects.

The following tables store configuration data that can be used for migrating data.

ADS Definition



Table for configuration plug-ins. This table contains the plug-in application class name, its description and category.


Table for configuration templates. Templates contain plug-ins and their properties for configuration.


Table for configuration template variables. This table contains the template variable, which can be used to assign the values to the plug-in properties.

Use the PTACM_TEMPLATE ADS definition to export templates and related plug-ins.

The PTACM_TEMPLATE ADS definition uses the following tables.




Stores template data.


Stores template variable data.


Stores data pertaining to relationship between templates and plug-ins.

Use the PTACM_PLUGIN ADS definition to export only plug-ins.

In addition to the ADS definitions, you can also export configuration data using the export functionality available within Automated Configuration Manager. The exported template file can be used as input for command line when you run a product configuration on another system.

See Creating a Template File in PIA.