PeopleSoft Application Designer Implementation

This section discusses:

  • Installation-level steps.

  • Main application development steps.

This table lists the steps you must complete before you can begin using PeopleSoft Application Designer:




Set up security.

For developing and customizing PeopleSoft applications, you need access to the definitions involved, such as fields, records, pages, and so on. Your administrator can provide access by adjusting your definition security settings. Your administrator also might need to grant general PeopleTools permissions for maintaining and upgrading data. These permissions include Build and Data Administration, Change Control, and Upgrade.

See Setting PeopleTools Permissions.

Set up workstations.

PeopleSoft Application Designer is a Microsoft Windows-based program. To run PeopleSoft Application Designer, you must have a supported version of Windows with ample CPU and memory resources. Also, you must use PeopleSoft Configuration Manager to configure your workstation with connectivity to the appropriate database and to set all required environment variables.

See Configuring Developer Workstations.

This table presents the main steps for creating a PeopleSoft application:



1. Design application.

Review your in-house development cycle and documentation.

2. Create fields.

See Creating New Field Definitions.

3. Create record definitions.

See Understanding the Planning Process.

See Creating New Record Definitions.

4. Build SQL tables.

See Understanding Data Administration and the Build Process.

5. Create pages.

See Improving Online Performance.

See Understanding Page Controls.

See Understanding Scroll Areas, Scroll Bars, and Grids

See Understanding Page Design and Development.

6. Create components.

See Understanding Component Definitions.

7. Register components.

See Understanding the Registration Wizard.

8. Test the application.

Review your in-house testing procedures and documentation.

Other Sources of Information

This section provides information you should consider before you begin to use PeopleSoft Application Designer. In the planning phase of your implementation, take advantage of all Oracle sources of information, including the installation guides and troubleshooting information. A complete list of these resources appears in the preface in About These PeopleBooks, with information about where to find the most current version of each.