Setting Target Locations for REST Services

To set the target location for REST services:

  1. Access Target Location page PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Configuration > Services Configuration and click the Set Target Locations link.).

  2. Locate the REST Services Target Location section of the page.

  3. In the Target Location field, enter an unsecured URL to be used when exporting WADL documents and as the REST endpoint.

    If you require a secure target location for the REST endpoint, see Step 4.

    The format of the value that you enter is:

  4. (Optional) In the Secure Target Location field, enter a secure URL to be used as the REST endpoint.

    The URL entered here overrides the target location defined in Step 3 for the target location for the REST endpoint.

    The URL you enter here is also used as a secure target location for exporting WADL, if you choose the Use Secure Target Location box in the Provide Web Service wizard.

    If you do not enter a value in this field, the system uses the unsecured URL that you specify in the Target Location field for both the REST endpoint and for exporting WADL.

    See Step 2: Select Service Operations.

    If you have a dedicated integration gateway, the format of the value that you enter is:

  5. Click the OK button.

    The Service Configuration page appears.

  6. Click the Save button.