Understanding the Transformation Example

This topic presents an in-depth example of how to use transformations to alter the messages sent between two systems.

Note: The code examples in this topic are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to be used in a production environment.

The purpose of this topic is to present a more in depth example of how transformations can be used to alter the messages sent between two systems.

The following example describes an integration between a PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management node (PeopleSoft SCM) and a PeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management node (PeopleSoft CRM). This example demonstrates taking a PeopleSoft SCM purchase order message and transforming it into a similar PeopleSoft CRM purchase order message format.

Two aspects of transformations will be examined in this example:

  • How XSL can be used to modify the structure of a message.

  • How codesets can be used to map values between messages.

The example will focus on the PeopleSoft SCM system. This is the node where the XSL will be executed to transform the message from the SCM specified format to that of CRM. When the SCM system sends the message to CRM, the message will be in the CRM native format.

The example does not go into detail about setting up the all infrastructure necessary to actually send messages between the two nodes. It assumes that the systems have been configured and the service operations and services have been defined. Please refer to the topics elsewhere in the product documentation for setting up integration metadata.