Prerequisites for Integrating with Oracle Mediator/ESB–Based Services

For creating integrations with Oracle Mediator and Oracle ESB services you must have PeopleSoft Integration Broker configured and running.

Note: This section discusses prerequisite configuration steps on the PeopleSoft system for integrating with Oracle Mediator and Oracle ESB-based services. Check your Oracle documentation for setup and configuration steps that you must perform on Oracle JDeveloper, and Oracle Mediator or Oracle ESB.

The following list is a partial checklist of items to configure on the PeopleSoft system:

  • In PeopleTools ensure that the application server and web server are installed and running.

  • On the Nodes-Node Definitions page, create a node to represent Oracle ESB. Set the Node Type field to External for this node.

  • When configuring the file, be sure to set the ig.isc.serverURL property equal to the name of the machine running the integration engine.

  • When configuring the PeopleTools application server, set the PUB/SUB option to Yes. This value is required for asynchronous integrations.

  • Activate the application server domain by setting the Domain Status to Active.

  • Set the service namespace, the schema namespace, and the target location.

  • To load files into PeopleTools from the file system, set PS_FILEDIR and PS_SERVDIR in the system variables on your machine.