Securing Layouts

Use the Security page (IB_DOCLOSECURE) to set and define security-related options for a layout, including authentication, grant permission-list access to a layout, and setting the system status for a layout.

To access the page select PeopleTools > Mobile Application Platform > Layout Designer and click the Security tab.

Image: Layout Designer – Security page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Layout Designer – Security page. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Layout Designer - Security page

Field or Control


Layout Name

Displays the name of the layout.


Displays the description of the layout.


Displays the system-generated REST service for the layout.

Req Verification

Use the drop-down list to set the required security level for requests. The options are:

  • Basic Authentication.

  • Basic Authentication and SSL.

  • None. (Default.)

  • PeopleSoft Token.

  • PeopleSoft Token and SSL.

  • SSL.

System Status

Use the system status level for debugging applications. The options are:

  • Development.(Default.)

    The system displays any errors in the browser and writes the errors to the application server log. Any JavaScript files will not use the minimized (compressed) version for potential debugging on the browser.

  • Production.

    If any error occurs the browser displays the appropriate HTTP status code only, with no error messages. The exception is in the case of login failures, in which case the system displays the exception. In this mode the system writes the errors to the application server log.

See Debugging Mobile Application Platform Applications for more information about debugging Mobile Application Platform applications.

Layout Permission

Click the link to access the Layout Permissions to page to grant permission-list access to the layout.