Accessing PS/nVision

You can access PS/nVision from the web or from Windows. You can use any of the following three navigation paths:

  • From the PeopleSoft Windows-based application (Application Designer): Select Go > nVision.

  • From Microsoft Windows: Select Start > Programs > PeopleSoft 8.x > nVision. Enter a database name, user ID, and password as you would to start any PeopleSoft application.

  • From the Web: Select Reporting Tools > PS/nVision.

If you are using Windows, PS/nVision automatically opens Microsoft Excel when it starts. The PS/nVision program itself appears minimized on the Windows taskbar. You can click the PS/nVision icon to open the PS/nVision window, but unless a specific PS/nVision dialog box is currently active in Excel, the PS/nVision window is blank.

Important! Don’t close this window—it will end your PS/nVision session, even though Excel is still running.

You initiate PS/nVision commands using the nVision menu in the Excel menu bar or—depending on your setup—by using a special spreadsheet file, NVSUSER.xls, which opens when you start PS/nVision. When you close Excel, PS/nVision closes automatically as well.

Note: Your Windows locale must support the signon language.

For PS/nVision to appear in the Microsoft Windows navigation path, select the nVision option located under the Configuration Manager – Client Setup dialog box.

In PS/nVision for Microsoft Windows, you use the PeopleSoft Configuration Manager to configure the locations of various PS/nVision files, such as layouts, templates, and spreadsheets.

When you first access PS/nVision in Microsoft Windows, if an error message indicates that PeopleSoft PeopleTools DSN is missing in ODBC data sources, you need to run the psodbccrinst.exe to install the PS ODBC driver. If an error message indicates that your client machine is not configured for nVision, you need to click the Install Workstation option on the Client Setup tab in the Configuration Manager to load important PS/nVision DLL files to your machine's Windows registry.

See PeopleTools Installation Guide: Setting Up the Install Workstation.