Dismissing Unattended Dialogs

PS/nVision can detect and close unattended dialog boxes on the batch server. To use this feature, you must enable the EnablePollDialogs and set the PollDialogSeconds parameters in the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler.

The EnablePollDialogs parameter is disabled (with setting equal to 0) by default, but if you have problems with unattended dialogs generated from PS/nVision in batch mode, you should change the setting to Enabled for debugging purposes. You can do this using the Process Scheduler's PSADMIN utility. Use the PollDialogSeconds parameter to specify how often to cycle polling for unattended dialogs. When EnablePollDialogs is enabled, you must set the PollDialogSeconds parameter to a value greater than 0.

Note: PS/ nVision will close only the dialogs originating from PS/nVision and Microsoft Excel.

See Using PSADMIN with PeopleSoft Process Scheduler.