Using PSADMIN with PeopleSoft Process Scheduler

This section discusses how to use PSADMIN from the command line.

Note: This section does not discuss how to configure, start, and stop PeopleSoft Process Scheduler.

See the product documentation for PeopleSoft 9.2 Application Installation for your database platform.

In addition to the instructions in the Installation and Administration manual about how to administer PeopleSoft Process Scheduler through PSADMIN in interactive mode, this table lists the options PSADMIN provides for the following tasks:


PSADMIN Parameter

Start a PeopleSoft Process Scheduler.

-p start -d <database name>

Stop a PeopleSoft Process Scheduler.

-p stop -d <database name>

Configure a PeopleSoft Process Scheduler.

-p configure -d <database name>

Show the status of a PeopleSoft Process Scheduler.

-p status -d <database name>

Create a new PeopleSoft Process Scheduler.

-p create -d database -t <template> -ps <ps set>

<ps_set> specifies startup settings having the following format:


For example:

psadmin -p create -d PSHRDB1 -t windows -ps PSHRDB1/MICROSFT/PSNT/ PS/PASSWORD/people/password/_____/"c:\psft app\log_output"/c:\psfthr\bin\sqr\MSS\binw/c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32/c:\apps\db\mssql\binn/ENCRYPT