Testing PeopleCode APIs

To test the PeopleCode APIs, a PIA sample test page called ‘SpreadSheet API Sample Page’ is available to the users. This section tells you how to use this page to test the PeopleCode APIs.

  1. Output Path should always be specified with the full path and name of file to be created or updated.

  2. Output Directory should always exist. Otherwise, there will be an error displaying “Directory cannot be created.”

To access the SpreadSheet API Sample Page, select Reporting Tools > PS/nVision > SpreadSheet API Sample Page.

Image: SpreadSheet API Sample Page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the SpreadSheet API Sample Page. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

SpreadSheet API Sample Page

Field or Control


Input Path

Input path of existing template file.

Output Path

Output path where generated excel file is to be saved.

Enable Rowset

This field has two modes — enable and disable rowset.

When the Enable Rowset checkbox is checked, the entire rowset data is saved as is to the output excel file in a single operation.

When the Enable Rowset checkbox is unchecked, only the cell data field within the rowset is saved to the output excel file in a single operation.

Row Number

Cell row number within the excel file.

Col Number

Cell column number within excel file.

Cell Type

Type of cell data (number, string, formula, date).

Following are the defined values of this field:

  • Number = 0

  • String = 1

  • Formula = 2

  • Date = 6

Cell Data

Cell data to be saved into the excel file.


Invokes Spreadsheet APIs to generate and save the field data into the output excel file.