Working With Report Instances

After running a report, the last report instance created remains open. If other report instances were also created, you can select File > Open to review those reports. For the reports that you view frequently, you can create buttons in the NVSUSER home page to open these report instances. NVSUSER also displays a list of files in the View Reports list. This list comes from the directory that you specify in the Configuration Manager.

Image: View Reports list displaying current instances

This example shows the View Reports list displaying current instances.

View Reports list displaying current instances

The layout upon which a report instance is based is never modified when the report is run. You can return to the layout by selecting it from the Window menu; or selecting nVision > Open Layout if PS/nVision is not open.

You print a report instance just as you would print any other Microsoft Excel spreadsheet by selecting File > Print. If you select the Printer as your output type when you request the report, your reports are printed as they are generated.