Understanding Jobs and JobSets

This section lists common elements and discusses jobs and JobSets.

Field or Control


Schedule Name

Displays the name of the JobSet definition schedule that is assigned when adding a new value.

Job Name

Displays the name of the job definition to be scheduled. The Job Name can have a maximum length of 8 characters.

Note: Although you can create a job with a job name that exceeds 8 characters, you will encounter an error message when you attempt to run the job.

JobSet Report

Click to display a hierarchical view of the processes within the JobSet.

Report Manager

Click to access the Report Manager module to view report results.

Process Monitor

Click to access the Process Monitor to view the status of job requests.

PeopleSoft Process Scheduler enables you to schedule one or more processes as a group. In this context, job describes this type of process group.

A process is a single task, program, or routine, such as a Structured Query Report (SQR) report or COBOL program that runs either on the client or on a server. A job consists of one or more processes of the same or different types that are submitted as a unit and can run either in series or parallel. They require the scheduling support that only a server environment can offer and all processes must be API-aware.

Scheduled JobSets enable you to schedule a recurring job using a schedule JobSet definition. Each process within a job can be altered to set up its own output destination options or set the operating system where the process is to be scheduled.

Features that are available when scheduling JobSets that are not available with recurring jobs are:

  • You can have different run control ID for each process within a job.

  • Job items can be run from different operating systems or servers.

  • Job items can run at specific times.

  • You can change attributes to any job items.