Submitting Process Requests

This section discusses how to submit process requests.

The Process Request Dialog page shows the run control ID that you selected or added for submitting your process request. It also includes links to Report Manager and Process Monitor so that you can check the progress of your job and view its content immediately after it is posted.

The Process Request Dialog page has two additional pages that show your options for submitting requests if you do not run the process from the browser:

  • The Component Interface page enables you to run the process from a component.

  • The ProcessRequest PeopleCode page enables you to run the process using PeopleCode.

This topic is written with the primary focus of submitting process requests from the browser. Click the Run button to access the Process Scheduler Request page.

To expedite the process of running reports, PeopleTools delivers Run Control subpages for application developers. Using these subpages, application developers can run reports without accessing the Process Request Dialog page.

You can change the alignment of the run control subpages. By default, the subpages are left aligned. Select the Right Align Field Labels check box to right align the run control subpages.

The following subpages are recommended for application developers to use:









The subpages comprise the following buttons:

Field or Control


Run Now

Click to request a process to run without launching the Process Request Dialog page. Process Scheduler will run the first process as listed on the Process Request Dialog page. If the process has previously been run, the system will retain the default output type based on the Run Control record.

Advance Schedule

Click to launch the Process Scheduler Request page to submit requests and configure the output type and output format of the process. This option is synonymous with the Run button on the Process Request Dialog page.