Understanding Pagelet Wizard Data Sources

Pagelet Wizard supports the creation of pagelets using the following data sources:

Field or Control


Activity guides

Use to create activity guide pagelets for deployment in WorkCenters. The pagelet can be generated from an activity guide template and instance, from an activity guide template only, or without a template producing a generic activity guide pagelet.

Free text

Use to present any free-form HTML or text in a pagelet. Free text data source pagelets are compatible with the passthru and custom display formats.

Select this data type instead of the HTML data type when you want to control all aspects of the HTML code, which will allow you to control use of cascading style sheets (CSS), JavaScript, and embedded media such as Adobe Flash.

Important! Free-form HTML can expose your system to potential security vulnerabilities. It is imperative that you understand the security risks before you allow the use of this data type on your system. You can use the Define Data Types page to inactivate or activate a Pagelet Wizard data type.

See Defining Data Types.


Use to present simple formatted HTML in a pagelet. HTML data source pagelets are compatible with the passthru and custom display formats.

Because the HTML data type relies on the rich text editor (RTE) for text entry and formatting, complex HTML code that specifies custom CSS, JavaScript, or embedded media might not appear correctly in a pagelet after RTE post-processing of the entered data. In these circumstances, use the Free Text data type instead.

IB connectors (Integration Broker connectors)

Use to create pagelets that interact directly with secured, registered Integration Broker connectors within Pagelet Wizard.

See Connectors for more information.

Integration Broker

Use to create pagelets based on Integration Broker service operations. Integration Broker facilitates synchronous and asynchronous messaging among internal systems and with trading partners, while managing message structure, message format, and transport disparities.

See Understanding Managing Service Operations for more information.

Navigation collections

Use to create pagelets from existing sets of folders and links stored in navigation collections. Navigation collection data source pagelets are compatible with the menu and custom display formats.

OBIEE reports (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition reports)

Use to create pagelets from existing reports on the OBIEE server.

PeopleSoft queries

Use to access PeopleSoft application data or any tables within the PeopleSoft environment through Pagelet Wizard pagelets. PeopleSoft Query data source pagelets are compatible with the table, list, chart, and custom display formats.

Pivot grids

Use to create pagelets from existing pivot grid instances, which use interactive pivot tables and charts that display application data that you can filter and pivot across multiple dimensions.


Use to access a rowset record for which the data is supplied at runtime. This data source is geared toward supplying data to embedded pagelets. Rowset data source pagelets are compatible with the table, list, chart, and custom display formats.

You designate a record as the rowset data source when you design your pagelet using Pagelet Wizard. When the pagelet is run for display, the data populated for the rowset must contain that record in the first level of the rowset. If the runtime rowset does not contain the record specified in Pagelet Wizard, no data appears in the pagelet.

Search records

Use to create Pagelet Wizard pagelets that provide quick access to specific transactions on a target transaction page. The search record data type enables you to select a basic search record or a component interface.

Use the basic search record data type for simple search lookup pages.

Use the component interface search record data type when the basic search record does not provide the required functionality, for example, when security or PeopleCode considerations need to be taken into account.

Search record data source pagelets are compatible with the search list display format.


The URL data type retrieves data from external sources such as the internet. This includes sources such as Real Simple Syndication (RSS) news feeds. Use to display appropriately sized dynamic HTML pages on Pagelet Wizard pagelets. URL data-source pagelets are compatible with the custom and passthru display formats.

Note: The Service Oriented Architecture Protocol (SOAP) data type used in previous releases is now included in the functionality of the IB data type. As of PeopleTools 8.50, SOAP services are consumed using Integration Broker, so use the IB data type to create pagelets going forward.

You can define your own data types on the Define Data Types page.

When you use PeopleSoft Interaction Hub, Pagelet Wizard includes other data sources that are specific to PeopleSoft Interaction Hub installations.