Developing PeopleSoft Component-Based Pagelets

To develop pagelets that are based on PeopleSoft components:

  1. Open PeopleSoft Application Designer.

  2. Select File > Open to display the Open Definition dialog box.

  3. Use the drop-down list box to select Page as the definition.

  4. Enter selection criteria and open the desired page.

  5. Select File > Definition Properties and then select the Use tab.

  6. Select the page size.

    For narrow pagelets, select 240xVar portal home page comp.

    For wide pagelets, select 490xVar portal home page comp.

    For banner pagelets, select Custom size then enter these width and height dimensions: 1193 x 259.

    Note: You can adjust the pagelet dimensions at any time in the process.

  7. Design the new pagelet using the guidelines described previously and similar design techniques that are used to design a page.

  8. Save the page.

    Note: When the page is added to a component, the search record is specified. As noted in the preceding guidelines, you should avoid a search interaction so that the pagelet can render its data on the homepage without any prompting for keys. If keys are needed, then the pagelet should be coded to use some default key values and the personalization options should initially reflect these defaults.

  9. Register the pagelet in the portal registry. This step also involves setting up security access to the component and the page.

    See Administering Pagelets in the Portal Registry.