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Getting Started

Welcome to Oracle CRM On Demand, the smart customer relationship management solution that you access over the Web. Oracle CRM On Demand helps you to manage all your company’s sales, customer service, and marketing information:

  • If you are a sales professional, use Oracle CRM On Demand to optimize your sales efficiency and effectiveness by analyzing your sales strategy, forecasting more accurately, and sharing critical sales information across your team.
  • If you are a customer service representative, use Oracle CRM On Demand to maximize your customer satisfaction and service performance by tracking accounts, managing service requests, identifying cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and providing solutions to customer inquiries.
  • If you are a marketing representative, use Oracle CRM On Demand to capitalize on your marketing efforts by generating more leads, assigning leads automatically, and tracking campaign outcomes quantitatively.
  • If you are an executive, use Oracle CRM On Demand to manage all areas of your business by gaining insight into your sales’ outlook, quickly resolving critical business issues, and performing complex analyses.

In Oracle CRM On Demand, your information is grouped into the following main areas:

Calendar and Activities. Tracks your activities, including phone calls, events, and to-do lists.

Campaigns. Manages marketing campaigns and generates qualified leads and opportunities.

Leads. Tracks leads for new sales opportunities and automates the lead conversion process.

Accounts. Tracks companies with whom you conduct business.

Contacts. Tracks people associated with your accounts and opportunities.

Opportunities. Manages potential revenue-generating opportunities.

Forecasts. Generates forecasts to project quarterly revenue based on existing opportunities.

Service Requests. Manages customer requests for products or services.

Partners. Tracks the external companies or contacts at companies who sell or service products belonging to your company (Oracle CRM On Demand Partner Relationship Management Edition).

Partner Programs. Tracks the requirements and benefits for companies that are part of your company's partner programs (Oracle CRM On Demand Partner Relationship Management Edition).

Solutions. Stores answers to common questions or service issues.

Analytics. Provides access to prebuilt reports and dashboards in the Analytics catalog, and allows you to create reports and dashboards.

Additionally, industry-specific solutions contain these record types:

Vehicles. Tracks service history and sales history of vehicles (Oracle CRM On Demand Automotive Edition).

Dealers. Tracks associations with dealers (Oracle CRM On Demand Automotive Edition).

Events. Manages events and invitees (Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Edition)

Funds. Manages fund requests, credits, and approvals (Oracle CRM On Demand High Tech Edition and Oracle CRM On Demand Partner Relationship Management Edition).

Portfolios. Tracks portfolio accounts (Oracle CRM On Demand Financial Services Edition).

Households. Tracks information for a group of related contacts (Oracle CRM On Demand Financial Services Edition).

You may also see other record types depending on the industry-specific solutions you have implemented.

NOTE: Your company administrator can rename the standard record types, so you might see different tab labels. For example, your company administrator might change “Accounts” to “Companies.” Your company administrator can also add custom record types, as required.

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