Activity REST Endpoints


The Activity service enables you to manage aspects of a project related to an activity. An activity is a unit of work performed during the course of a project. Activities have the following characteristics:

  • They can be subdivided into activity steps
  • They often have activity expenses and resource assignments associated with them
  • They have a parent WBS (Note: Activities assigned to the root WBS are considered to be assigned to the project itself.)
  • They can have user defined fields (UDFs) and codes assigned to them. To assign UDFs and activity codes to an activity, use the UDFValue and ActivityCodeAssignment services, respectively.
Create Activities
Method: post
Path: /activity
Delete Activities
Method: delete
Path: /activity
Read Activities
Method: get
Path: /activity
Update Activities
Method: put
Path: /activity
View Activity Field Length
Method: get
Path: /activity/getFieldLength/{fieldName}
View Activity fields
Method: get
Path: /activity/fields