Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing

Video Tutorials


This page consists of videos to get started with Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing Cloud. Click the required links to view respective videos. For more information about the video, click on information button in-line.

This video demonstrates OFSLL Origination process and how Financial institutions can originate, process and approve loan, lease or line of credit applications and convert prospect to customer quickly, deliver superior experience to increase customer satisfaction and streamline processing cycles to reduce operation costs.
This video demonstrates on how OFSLL provides comprehensive servicing capabilities for loan, lease and line of credit products on a single platform, with three vital take home benefits – reduced operating costs, improved customer service and enhanced efficiency of your servicing operations.
This video demonstrates on how OFSLL platform has comprehensive functionalities to address specific pain points in the collection process like bankruptcy, repossession, foreclosure or bad debt management and thereby reduce nonperforming assets and boost your bottom line.