Chapter 1. Installing Oracle NoSQL Database

Table of Contents

Installation Prerequisites
Installation Configuration
Configuring your KVStore Installation
Configuring the Firewall

This chapter describes the installation process for Oracle NoSQL Database in a multi-host environment. If you are planning a large system for production use, please read Initial Capacity Planning to estimate the number of storage nodes on which you will need to install the software. For simple uses when you already know the storage nodes you intend to use, simply follow the instructions below and Oracle NoSQL Database will make the best use of the storage nodes you provide.

Installation Prerequisites

Make sure that you have Java SE 8 or later installed on all of the hosts that you are going to use for the Oracle NoSQL Database installation. The command:

java -version

can be used to verify this.


Oracle NoSQL Database is compatible with Java SE 8 (64 bit), and has been tested and certified against Oracle Java SE 8. It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest Java releases to take advantage of the latest bug fixes and performance improvements. The release notes included in the Oracle NoSQL Database download specify the exact Java versions that have been used for certification.

Make sure that the jps utility is working. Installing the JDK allows the jps tools to be available for use by the Storage Node Agent (SNA) in order to optimally manage Oracle NoSQL Database processes. The jps tools also allow you to diagnose any issues that may turn up. While Oracle NoSQL Database can continue to operate in the absence of the jps tools, it diminishes its ability to manage its processes.

If the JDK and its tools have been correctly installed, the output from jps should list at least one Java process (the jps process itself). Use the following command to verify this:

% jps
16216 Jps 


You must run the commands listed above as the OS user that will run the Oracle NoSQL Database SNA processes.

Linux and Oracle Solaris are officially supported platforms for Oracle NoSQL Database. Both Oracle Solaris x86 and Oracle Solaris SPARC are supported. A 64 bit JVM is required in order to run Oracle NoSQL Database.

You do not necessarily need root access on each node for the installation process.

Finally, make sure that some sort of reliable clock synchronization is running on each of the machines. Generally, a synchronization delta of less than half a second is required. Network Time Protocol (ntp) is sufficient for this purpose.