8.2 Generating a Key File

Before you can configure or change the active core processors on an Exalytics Machine, you must generate a key file. You generate a unique key file each time that you want to change the number of core processors to active. To activate more core processors later, you follow the same procedure to generate a unique key file.

To generate a key file:

  1. Retrieve the serial number of the Exalytics Machine by logging on to the ILOM web interface and if not already selected, in the left pane, select Summary.

    Make a note of the serial number. You need it in Step 4.

  2. Log in to My Oracle Support at:
  3. Select the Settings tab, and then select Assets.
  4. Click the serial number of the Exalytics Machine.

    The Assets Details screen for the serial number is displayed.

  5. For Core Configuration, click Manage Key.

    The Manage Cores Configuration Key dialog box is displayed

  6. In the Cores Per Server list, select the number of core processors you want to activate.


    Initially, you can select to activate any number of core processors that are less than the default active core processors. But once you activate the number of core processors that you want, you can only activate core processors greater than this amount. For example, if you initially activate 20 core processors, you cannot later activate core processors less than 20.

  7. Click Generate Key to generate the key.

    The generated key enables you to configure only the number of active core processors you selected in Step 6.

  8. Click Copy Key to Clipboard.
  9. Create a text file and paste in the key.
  10. Save the text file.