8.3 Configuring Active Core Processors on an Exalytics Machine

You use the key file that you generated to configure active core processors on an Exalytics Machine.

To configure active core processors on an Exalytics Machine:

  1. Log in to the Exalytics Machine as root user.
  2. Navigate to /opt/exalytics/bin directory.
  3. From the /opt/exalytics/bin directory, enter the following command to configure the number of active core processors:

    # python /opt/exalytics/bin/update_cores.py

    The following output is displayed:

    Please enter the Exalytics Capacity on Demand License key file location (eg. /tmp/file): /tmp/key_file
  4. Enter the location and name of the key file.

    For example, if you named the key file key_20 and saved it in a tmp directory, enter the following:


  5. Restart the Exalytics Machine.
  6. Verify that the number of core processors you specified are active by entering the following command as root user:

    # echo $((`grep -c processor /proc/cpuinfo` / 2))

    For example, if you activated 36 core processors, the following is displayed



    The commands in this section are applicable when hyper-threading is enabled on the server, so the processor count is divided by two to get the true core count. These commands also provide an incorrect value if hyper-threading is not in use. A warning is displayed when hyper-threading is disabled on the server.

    If hyper-threading has been disabled, use the following command to validate the active cores:

    grep -c processor /proc/cpuinfo