3.1 About Oracle Exalytics Release 2.2 on Virtual Deployments

Oracle Exalytics Release 2.2 for X2-4, X3-4, X4-4, X5-4, and X6-4 Exalytics Machines consists of the following system software components:

  • Exalytics Base Image for Oracle VM x86-64 (

  • Exalytics VM Template (Guest) for Linux 6 (

The Oracle Exalytics Release 2.2 on virtual deployments comprises of updates to the system components that are listed in listed in Table 3-1.

Table 3-1 System Components and Supported Versions in Oracle Exalytics Release 2.2 on Virtual Deployments

System Component Version in Release 2.2 Kernel Version

Oracle Exalytics Base Image for Oracle VM


Oracle Exalytics VM Template (Guest Linux 6)

2.6.39-400.286.3.el6uek x86_64

Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Enterprise Performance Management, Oracle TimesTen for Exalytics, Oracle Database In-Memory, and Oracle Endeca software releases are certified on Exalytics Release 2. These software updates may contain new capabilities built for Exalytics only. Customers are advised to update the application software stack with the latest Exalytics certified version.

For detailed information on system components and supported application product components, see Oracle Exalytics Certification Matrix at the following location: