3Starting your day

About starting your day

The tasks you perform at the beginning of the day are important to the workday ahead.

These tasks include logging in to Oracle Field Service Mobility Cloud Service, viewing your activities, and activating your route.

Log in

You will use Oracle Field Service Mobility Cloud Service to communicate with dispatch and management throughout the course of your day using a device such as a tablet, smart phone, or laptop. Simply browse to the URL provided by your system administrator.

Logging in requires a login name and password. Your system administrator assigns login names and passwords. Any web-enabled mobile device can access Oracle Field Service Mobility Cloud Service.


  1. In your mobile web browser, enter one of the following URLs:

    • https://login.etadirect.com/m

    • https://login.etadirect.com/m/company_name, where company_name is the name of the mobile environment provided by your system administrator

    Note: Depending on the defined login policy, the URL may need to be appended with the login policy. For example, for openidconnect.

  2. (Optional, depending on the URL you entered.) Type your company name in the Company field.

  3. Type your user name in the Login field.

  4. Type your password in the Password field.

  5. Click Login.

After logging in, you see your Oracle Field Service Mobility Cloud Service home screen. The screen displays a summary of your daily route. Activities are grouped by their status. In addition, you may be prompted to share your location in the browser using location services.

Note: You will be blocked from logging in to Oracle Field Service Mobility Cloud Service once you reach the maximum number unsuccessful log in attempts. If you have forgotten your password, ask your system administrator to reset it.

About creating and using a PIN

In addition to logging in to Oracle Field Service Mobility Cloud Service with a password, you also can use a personal identification number (PIN) to access the application.

When you log in to Oracle Field Service Mobility Cloud Service for the first time, you will be prompted to create a PIN.

In some situations, you will be asked to reenter/restore your PIN and will see this screen:
This figure shows the Restore screen, where you will enter your password

  • After too many unsuccessful login attempts (if you have forgotten your password)

  • When you log in again and the screen you were on when you logged out has been saved to the cache

You also can reset your PIN from the Restore screen. Enter your PIN and click Reset PIN. The system will log you out and prompt you to log in again, using your password. You will then be redirected to the Set PIN screen to create a new PIN.

When certain authentication methods have been implemented, you will have the option to change your PIN instead of your password on the User options screen.
This figure shows the User options screen, from which you click the Change Pin link in the upper-left corner

Click Change Pin to access the Change PIN screen.

Activate your route

You must activate your route at the beginning of every workday. You cannot start an activity until your route has been activated. This is a signal to the dispatcher and to your supervisors that you are ready to work and available to take jobs.


  1. Log in to Oracle Field Service Cloud.

    A list of your activities for the day displays.

  2. Click Activate Route.

  3. Click Yes on the confirmation screen.

    Note: After the route has been activated for the day, the Activate Route option no longer displays on the menu.