About Studio

Studio is a component in Big Data Discovery. Studio provides a business-user friendly user interface for a range of operations on data.

It combines search, guided navigation, and many data visualizations in a single environment.

Some aspects of what you see in Studio always appear. For example, Studio always includes search, Explore, Transform, and Discover areas. You can add other parts of your interface as needed. These include many types of data visualization components. For example, you can add charts, maps, pivot tables, summarization bars, timelines, and other components. You can also create custom visualization components.

Studio provides tools for loading, exploration, updating, and transforming data sets. It lets you create projects with one or more data sets that are linked. You can load more data into existing projects. This increases the corpus of analyzed data from a sample to a fully loaded set. You can also update data sets. You can transform data with simple and more complex transforms, and write transformation scripts.

Studio's administrators can control data set access and access to projects. They can set up user roles, and configure other Studio settings.

For more information, see Taking a Tour of Studio.