Step 3: Confirm your service configuration

In the Confirm step of the BDDCS provisioning wizard, confirm your configuration details and all user credentials.

To confirm your Big Data Discovery Cloud Service settings:

  1. In the wizard, click Confirm. The resulting screen shows you the details of the service you are about to provision.
  2. If satisfied, click Create.
    Your BDDCS instance provisioning starts in the Oracle Cloud. The dashboard for BDDCS opens. It includes the status of your service: Enabling.
  3. Check whether Service Status changes to Up.
    It takes about one hour to finish the service provisioning. The system refreshes its status automatically every 5 seconds when it runs the enabling operation. You can also click the icon for refreshing the page icon to see the current status.

Once the status changes to Up, the BDDCS instance is successfully provisioned for you.


If there is a problem and the status changes to Enable Failed, click Re-enable in the life cycle operations The life cycle operations icon. icon. If the status changes to Unknown, click the refresh icon for refreshing the page icon. If the problem is transient, the BDDCS instance recovers. If the problem persists, contact Oracle Cloud Support.

Next, to continue using the service securely, replace the SSL certificates in WebLogic Server, to use your own set of SSL certificates. You can also review the status of your instance, configure backups, and access Studio.