Step 2: Provide service details

In the Configuration step of the wizard, provide five different sets of credentials. They include backup details, Hadoop details, WebLogic Administrator, Studio Administrator, and Studio Database User.

To provide user credentials and service details:

  1. On the Configuration page, fill in the fields in each of the five areas.
    As indicated by an asterisk adjacent to a field name, all the fields are required.
  2. Confirm Backup Details—provide the details for your Storage Cloud Service instance:
    Field Description
    Storage Service URL Specify a valid Storage Cloud Service URL, such as

    To locate it, go to MyServices > Storage Service > Service Detail > Service REST Endpoint.

    Storage Container Specify the location for storing backup files in your Storage Cloud Service instance, such as bddcs_backup. If the storage container you specify does not exist, it is automatically created.
    Storage User Name Enter the user name for accessing your Oracle Cloud Storage Service account. Use the format username[.role]. For example, enter myuserid.StorageAdmin.
    Storage Password Enter the password associated with the Cloud Storage Service account user name. For information, see Managing Storage Credentials in Hadoop.
  3. Confirm Hadoop Details—provide the details for the Hadoop configuration of your BDDCS instance:
    Field Description
    User name Enter a new user name for the Cloudera Manager in Hadoop.
    Password Enter a password for the Cloudera Manager in Hadoop.
    Hive Database Name Select the name of the Hive database you want Big Data Discover Cloud Service to regularly scan for data.
  4. Create WebLogic Administrator—fill in the credentials for accessing the WebLogic Server Administrator (this is the container for BDDCS Studio):
    Field Description
    User name Enter a new WebLogic Server Administrator user name for BDDCS.
    Password Enter a password for the WebLogic Server Administrator for BDDCS. It must contain at least 8 characters, one of which must be a number, and cannot start with a number.
    Confirm Password Confirm the password.
  5. Create Studio Administrator—fill in these fields for Studio's credentials:
    Field Description
    Email address Enter the valid email address of the Studio Administrator, which will be their user name. This must be a full email address. It cannot begin with root@ or postmaster@.
    Password Enter the password for your Big Data Discovery Cloud Service Studio Administrator. The password must be between 8 and 30 characters, with at least one lower case letter, one upper case letter, one number and one special character (_, -, !, @, #, $, ^, (), [], {}, :, +, ~), and cannot be an ordinary word. For example: Welc9me!23
    Confirm Password Confirm the password.
  6. Confirm Studio Database User—fill in these fields for the Studio database user in BDDCS:
    Field Description
    User name Enter a new Studio database user name.
    Password Enter a password for your Studio database user.
    Confirm Password Confirm the password.
  7. Click Next.
    If you entered the values correctly, the last step of the provisioning wizard opens. In it, you confirm the information you have provided.

Example 1-1 Example

Here is an example of credentials for the Configuration screen of the BDDCS provisioning flow. They are grouped in five sections:
#Backup details:
Storage Service URL: https://<url_provided_by_Oracle_CLOUD>.com/my-storage
Storage Container: bddcs_my_backup
Storage User Name: my.Storageadmin
Storage Password: my-password1

# Hadoop Details:
User Name: my-admin     
Password: admin
Hive Database Name: default

# WebLogic Administrator details:
Create WebLogic Administrator
User Name: weblogic
Password: password123
Confirm Password: password123

# Studio Administrator details:
Email Address:
Password: Welc9me!23
Confirm Password: Welc9me!23

# Studio Database User
User Name: studio      
Password: Welcome!23
Confirm Password: Welcome!23