Step 1: Select a host for your service instance

In the Service step of the wizard, select a Big Data Cloud Service cluster to host your instance.

Before you can create a Big Data Discovery Cloud Service instance, you must have an active Oracle Big Data Cloud Service (BDCS) account, and an Oracle Cloud Storage account. At least one Big Data Cloud Service must be provisioned for your account. Also, a secure connection through VPN must be available to your Big Data Cloud Service.

Before this step, you should have already received a "Welcome" email. In all steps in the wizard, an asterisk indicates a required field.

To run the first step of the wizard:

  1. Click the link provided in the email, log into the Service Console URL, and enter your service administrator credentials provided in the email. The wizard Configure Big Data Discovery Cloud Service starts, and the Service page is displayed.
  2. On the Service page, fill in these fields for the BDCS cluster hosting your BDDCS instance:
    Field Description
    Big Data Discovery Cloud Service Name Required. A unique name for your new Big Data Discovery Cloud Service instance. The instance name must be up to 50 characters; it must start with a letter; it can contain only letters, numbers and hyphens (-); it cannot end with a hyphen (-); it cannot contain spaces or underscores. If you enter any invalid values, the field is highlighted in red when you switch to the next step. In this case, enter a new name.
    Description Optional. A description for your BDDCS instance.
    Big Data Cloud Service Instance Required. A Big Data Cloud Service cluster upon which to provision your new Big Data Discovery Cloud Service instance. Select the cluster from the list.
  3. Click Next. If you entered the values correctly, the second step of the provisioning wizard opens where you configure the details for your service.