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Domain: Monitoring: Health

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This page allows you to monitor health information for this domain.

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Name Description
Server Name

An alphanumeric name for this server instance. (Spaces are not valid.)

The name must be unique for all configuration objects in the domain. Within a domain, each server, machine, cluster, JDBC connection pool, virtual host, and any other resource type must be named uniquely and must not use the same name as the domain.

For more information on server naming conventions, see Server Name Restrictions in Understanding Domain Configuration for Oracle WebLogic Server.

The server name is not used as part of the URL for applications that are deployed on the server. It is for your identification purposes only. The server name displays in the Administration Console, and if you use WebLogic Server command-line utilities or APIs, you use this name to identify the server.

After you have created a server, you cannot change its name. Instead, clone the server and provide a new name for the clone.

MBean Attribute:

Changes take effect after you redeploy the module or restart the server.

Server Status

The current status of this server.

Server State

The current life cycle state of this server.

For example, a server can be in a RUNNING state in which it can receive and process requests or in an ADMIN state in which it can receive only administrative requests.

MBean Attribute:

Server Health

The health state of the server as reported by the server's self-health monitoring.

For example, the server can report if it is overloaded by too many requests, if it needs more memory resources, or if it will soon fail for other reasons.

MBean Attribute:


The name of the subsystem.

Subsystem Health

The health state of the subsystem.

Subsystem Type

The type of subsystem.


The reason for the health state.

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